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Onsite Physiotherapy plus Real Time Ultrasound

Injury Management & Prevention

  • Improved workplace safety
  • 20% reduction in TRIFR / year
  • Improved workplace relations and staff morale

On Site Physiotherapy & Real Time Ultrasound

  • Accurate assessment of the patient
  • Effective treatment
  • Valuable information for other practitioners involved in the patient's care.

Reduce Your Claims & Lost Working Hours

  • Reduced insurance claims and lost working hours
  • Increased profitability
  • Better insurance premiums

Industrial Health and Heavy Industries specialists

  • Sprains and Strains prevention and management
  • TOTAL musculoskeletal injury prevention programs
  • Continuous Reduction in Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)
  • Striving for zero musculoskeletal harm in a culture of continuous improvement
  • Utilising Participative Ergonomics theories - supported by the literature to reduce TRIFR
  • Leads to heightened safety reputation, enhanced worker wellbeing, increased industry credibility and continued licence to operate
  • With the current cost cutting environment on mine sites – it is essential to utilise the unique cost cutting advantages of Move Well Health
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