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Navigating this web site

There are several ways to navigate this web site, common options include:

  1. Head of Page

    At the top of the page are links to primary pages on this site. Further important page links may be accessed via 'drop down' menus.

    Primary pages include contact details, web site map and core service pages.

  2. Right + left side

    On the right side or left side of the main page content, there are usually links that are related to the page you are viewing. These links change depending on the page and may include important areas within the page itself or links to other pages.

  3. Top

    Links may be scattered through this web site with the word "top" or similar. This link will take your current view to the top of that page. Especially helpful for those long pages.

Browser requirements

Requirements and recommendations that will help provide you with the best online experience available while browsing this site.

  • Browser: use a current release internet browser, such as Mozilla Firefox 3+, Google Chrome, Interner Explorer 7+ or Netscape Navigator 7+. Ideally the browser should have images turned on.
  • Javascript: running on an enabled browser.
    This will enhance your experience with this web site through advanced features.
  • Flash: a current flash player version 8+, to be installed and working as a plug-in for the browser.
  • Screen resolution: a minimum 1024x768 screen resolution is recommended.
  • PDF reader: a pdf reader either installed as a plug-in directly for the web browser or a program able to handle PDF files installed on the computer.
  • Encryption: a 128bit security encryption should be installed. For modern browsers this level of security (or better) is installed and enabled as standard.

Privacy policy

Please refer to the privacy policy page.

Terms of use

Please refer to the terms of use page.

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