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'...led to reduced claims costs'

'Thiess found the onsite Move Well physiotherapy services invaluable in early intervention of physiotherapy treatments resulting in limiting amount of lost time from work and the number of claims for workers compensation. In addition, the provision of the on-site service enabled injured workers to return to site on light duties earlier in their recovery, which in turn led to reduced claims costs.


The feedback from our injured workers who accessed the physiotherapy service for both work and non-work-related musculo-skeletal injuries was always positive: the only negative feedback being that Move Well was not on site 7 days a week!

There is no doubt that the physiotherapy service Pete Owens provided played an important role in the success of our injury management process.'


Tracey Inglis (Workplace Injury and Rehabilitation Manager, WA, SA, NT

Thiess Pty Ltd)


'...provided an excellent service'

I have dealt with Move Well since 2005 and I have no hesitation is stating that Move Well has provided an excellent service with effective and reliable support in injury management, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Move Well has been a major factor in the significant reduction of workers compensation claims in this period. I can highly recommend Move Well's reliable, cost-effective and extremely beneficial service in injury management.

Dave Henry (Alliance Safety Manager, Mt Keith Operations, Nickel West)

'Prevention is better than cure'

'Move Well Physiotherapists have been a valuable resource for the treatment and prevention of injuries at the Mount Keith Village. The nature of the roles involved in accommodation and catering at the Mount Keith Village are manual labour intensive.

Move Well has been instrumental in assisting the staff to manage injuries enabling a return to work earlier than an offsite regime would offer. The Activ8 program focussed on pre-work exercises developed for the workgroups and their roles. This was especially beneficial to new staff that were unused to manual handling type roles. Prevention is better than cure. The services provided for our staff assisted our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate to finally trend downwards after a sustained period of injuries. Ergonomic assessments carried out for office based staff and vehicle drivers were of a great benefit, along with job capacity evaluations which all assisted our injury prevention.

The role of Move Well in the Mount Keith Village has taken our injury management and prevention to a professional level that has not been previously seen.

I highly recommend Move Well services, especially in sectors that have high manual handling tasks.'

Steve Cox (Village Manager)

'...service provided to be excellent and effective'

'It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce Move Well Health Physiotherapy services providing onsite services at Mount Keith Nickel Operations in Western Australia. Movewell have been instrumental in the preventative, early intervention and remedial functions to assist in ensuring the performance of a varied and substantial workforce. Movewell are able to offer a private and personal service in a considerable corporate environment.

I have worked with Move Well in the rehabilitation and precautionary treatment of personal and found Move Well's approach to be sensitive and professional and the service provided to be excellent and effective.

I highly recommend Move Well on both a personal and professional level.'

Allan Chan (Site services Manager- ESS MKO)

'...worker care has been exemplary' 

'Move Well has been operating at our mine-site since 2005. In this period the injury prevention strategies and worker care has been exemplary. Their injury prevention strategies are innovative and thorough. We have noticed a decline in the injury rate of our employees and could not be happier with the service.

Move Well has been a worthy and integral part of our injury management process and have no hesitation in recommending them for your site.'

Glen Hartley (Catering manager- Site Services)

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