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Why we are different

  • Move Well Health is the only company which offers TOTAL musculoskeletal injury prevention solutions.
  • We strive for zero musculoskeletal harm to all workers in a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Move Well Health's interventions results in a continuous reduction in Total Recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR)
  • We utilise Participative Ergonomics theories - which are the only interventions supported by the literature to reduce TRIFR.

Industrial Health

Move Well Health is currently conducting;

  • Pre-employment physiotherapy assessments at all Move Well clinics
  • Job capacity and task analysis for all roles on-site
  • Work place risk assessments of manual handling tasks (WRAC's)
  • Planned task observations of manual handling tasks (PTO's)
  • Participative ergonomic sprains and strains reduction seminars
  • Real-time ultrasound clinics
  • Initial diagnosis and prognosis of all musculoskeletal injuries
  • On-site treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Coordination and administration of specific rehabilitation programs
  • Advice and/or administration of return to work (RTW) programs
  • Liaising with health services on and off-site (Occupational Physicians, GP's, Occupational Nurses and other healthcare professionals)

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